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About magazine

We are honoured to present You lithuanian monthly magazine “VALSTYBĖ: ekonomika ir politika, tendencijos ir perspektyvos” (THE STATE: Economy and Politics, Tendencies and Perspectives). This magazine tends to be a guideline for the socially active people, involved in business, politics, cultural life and for the ones who understand that the success of their business depends on the development of the state.

The articles, comments and other parts of the content of this economical monthly is being prepared by the professional journalists, experts and analysts of economy and policy. We hope that those materials are useful in order to have a better understanding about the economical and political tendencies in Lithuania, European Union and whole international society. We also assure that wider view of these tendencies and perspectives is going to be very useful for the businessmen to develop their activities and to have a strong present background for the future.

Each edition of VALSTYBĖ includes:

  • couple of main articles with the analysis of most actual present time economical and political tendencies;

  • the overview of economical and political events worldwide, in Europe and in Lithuania;

  • the analysis of the main Lithuanian economy indexes followed by the comments from the high range specialists;

  • the presentation of the most attractive investments in Lithuania;

  • the presentation of most popular cultural events to come;

  • the introduction to the economical, political and cultural leaders of the month, followed by their thoughts and impressions.

More than 70 per cent of the each edition is distributed among the most influential members of Lithuanian business and policy elite.

We also hope that this progressive magazine will give a good chance to present their goods and facilities for the ones who appreciate quality and share the perspectives with us.



Director: Almantas Gliožeris
Email: almantas@valstybe.eu

Publisher: Eduardas Eigirdas
Email: eduardas@valstybe.eu

Conferences: Justinas Tverkus
Email: justinas@valstybe.eu


T. Vrublevskio g. 6, LT-01100 Vilnius, Lithuania
Phone. +370 5  261 9662, +370 5 231 3153
Fax. +370 5  261 9662; +370 5  2126 779
Email: info@valstybe.eu



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